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Sylvie Pinard
Oil / Acrylic / Mixed Media
Calgary, Alberta

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Born and raised in Montreal, I was introduced in my youth to the art world with charcoal drawing, oil painting and mosaic. My fascination for colors stirred me toward oil painting at the time as I was discovering the pleasure of applying colors to create an image. A creation reflecting my love of colors, a type of language that I need to understand and learn more deeply.


I put aside art to pursuit scientific academic studies in geology to obtain a Ph.D. specialized in micropaleontology. These studies led me to interesting work places such as the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Alberta where I took root. Those environments allowed me to reconnect with nature and observe beauty in color harmonies, textures and shapes which would later stimulate the development of my artistic styles and ideals.


Since my return to painting in 2002, I have expanded to new media and developed new techniques. My main focus as an artist is the use of colors to invite the viewer to stop and feel the energy or emotions triggered by them. My subjects range widely from landscape to abstract. My motto is: Experiment, Learn and Create!

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