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Andrew Godsalve
Geo-photo Artist
Hinton, Alberta

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Andrew Godsalve is a photo-artist with a deep fascination with the mountains and geology that surround Jasper. coming from a family background in environmental science, Andrew is passionate about approaching the geologic processes of our earth through his unique photo-modaic art practice.

Andrew obtained a BFA from the University of Victoria in 2021 and a MFA from NSCAD University in 2018. He has exhibited works and participated in residencies across Canada and abroad, developing projects that respond to environments on region-specific bases. From 2013 Andres has been an active members of JAG, in various roles such as gallery attendant, adjudicator and curator, and currently as JAG's Treasurer and Studio Program Coordinator. Andrew rents a studio space in the Jasper Art Gallery and enjoys showing his working process to visitors. Andrew comes to JAG from his hometown of Hintown every week, never tiring of this inspiring scenic mountain drive.


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