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Christina Wilsdon Martin

Painter / Illustrator

Jasper, Alberta

Artist Statement

Working primarily in oil and acrylic, I paint organic subjects in a style that celebrates boundaries and stylized conformity. Since moving to Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies I have been exploring how to depict natural scenes in the area, from the low-lying lichen on the trail-side rocks to the soaring vistas of misty valleys. These works build upon years of understanding how strongly I am drawn towards details, the delineation of shape and the power of colour – intricate perimeters portraying strength, and vibrancy invoking interest.

I have lived, painted and worked in all the far reaches of Canada, including as an Environmental Scientist in remote areas across the Arctic, observing and studying the intricate relationships and limitations that exist within natural landscapes. Witnessing the challenges that Nature imposes on living conditions in diverse environments, I have contemplated Nature’s inherent restrictions upon Earth’s flora and fauna, particularly our human recognition of, resistance to, acceptance and occasional honour of these impositions.

My work aims to demonstrate how Nature can be described in a structured, delineated way that still conveys a delicacy, bending boundaries. A show of respect for her assertive yet vulnerable forces.

It is my goal to present the Jasper region’s renowned landscape from a fresh perspective through often complex, always deliberate art that is riddled with contiguous lines. Art which perhaps invites you to examine the purpose of restrictions within your own Life, and your connections to, or detachment from, the natural world, following the lines that weave throughout the images, as boundaries weave through all our Lives…


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