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Sophia (Shade of Biology)
Inks / Pencil Crayon / Mixed Media
Hinton, Alberta

Artist Statement

Sophia uses her art to create change. She does this by donating 25% of her profits to charity.

Sophia is a professional biologist that is inspired by nature. Her works focus on the native plants that grow in and around Jasper National Park. Sophia’s passion comes from her desire to educate and reconnect people with the natural world.

Sophia believes that recognizing native plants is essential for establishing a connection with nature. Her art is intended to help people learn the names and ‘faces’ of their leafy neighbors. Her delicate designs draw your eyes in and can help you identify subtle identifying features of the plants.

Her pieces capture the essence of each native plant and they encourage you to pay attention to the small things. Her art teaches you the importance of looking away from massive mountains and down towards the life growing all along the trails.


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