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Louise Hayes

Mixed Media / Fibre

Jasper, Alberta

Artist Statement

These pictures are a depiction of mountain scenes, with mountain wildflower meadows, worked in fabric and other fibers to create pictures of nature's  wild lands. The pictures are  inspired by the mountains in and around some of the national parks of Canada.  Each piece is an individually crafted piece of art, embellished with other fibers, such as crochet, embroidery and ribbon embroidery.  There are also additions of sequins and beads.


This technique is not exactly quilt, but rather fabric art with mixed media of other fiber arts.  Crochet and embroidery are crafts which stand alone and have guild of their own, as do sequins and beads.  Combining these different media into one piece of work, gives individuality and dimension to the work.


I've had an interest in fabric and it's uses, all of my life.  I attended Fanshawe College in London Ontario for 18 months in the School of Design and worked in a fabric store at the time.  Fabric is an inspiration to me.   I've  also been a member of the Tonquin Valley Quilters in Jasper, Alberta, since it's inception. I also sell art cards from this work.


I hope you enjoy the pictures and seeing the beauty of the national parks, through the media of fiber art.

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