Pascale Robinson

Acrylic / Clay / Wood

Jasper, Alberta

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Pascale Robinson lives in beautiful Jasper National Park, but is currently at the University of Alberta in Edmonton pursuing her Fine Arts Degree. While experimenting with colour, shadows, landscapes, still life and different mediums, she likes to try new ideas using the wonderful nature and subjects around her. Not only a painter, Pascale also likes to sculpt, draw and play piano. She sells her art to help fund her post-secondary education in Fine Arts.

Artist Statement

The approach with my landscapes, is to fill in the shapes I see with the base color of the area in a roughly geometrical way. Some pieces I’ve gone as far as pixilation. Then I continue to add details in the same manner but with different colour and shade variations depending on perspective and light. For the smooth parts, like a cliff, I mix the applied colours while the paint is still wet, so there’s no harsh transition from one area to another. So, the surface brushstrokes tend to have irregular edges and no uniform colour. In the pixilation paintings, two different styles emerged. One had the shapes a solid colour, while the other had well defined shapes, but the leftover colour on the paintbrush mixed with the one picked out. So, inside there’s streaks of different colours.


Currently, the still life artwork I do is seashells and or flowers on pink fabric.The final product tends to be more feminine because of the soft orange and pink tones used. The swirly brushstrokes also give it the dreamlike quality of floating on a cloud. My figurative work is presently focused on hands, but I’ve done portraits. I’ve done multiple paintings of a hand grasping rocks, branches and more generally, anything that’s found in nature. To continue with this theme, I’ve also made two sculptures of clay and wood. The clay being shaped into a hand and made holding a stick or sticks. To finish off the sculpture, I glaze the hand in white, gray, or black paint In between layers of gloss medium to give it a shiny look to contrast the dry sun bleached wood. The purpose of having hands holding natural resources together is to demonstrate how we work together with these basic building block materials to create society as it is today.

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