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Nicole Lockley
Oil / Acrylic
Jasper, Alberta

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In the artistic haven of Jasper, Nicole G. Lockley, an oil painter and designer, weaves her creative tapestry inspired by her Colombian roots and diverse global experiences. Recently earning a BFA in Interior Design from NYSID in Manhattan, Nicole's artistic journey includes moments of recognition, such as awards for urban sketching and her senior portfolio. Notably, in 2022, she secured 3rd place in the Oil Painter of America's student competition, solidifying her status as a rising talent in the international art community.

Working from her Jasper home studio, Nicole has begun incorporating the town's natural beauty into her art. Her approach combines creations and scenes that capture the essence of Jasper, interwoven with social criticisms that encourage self-reflection among viewers. You'll often find Nicole crafting and painting alongside her husband, her dog, and a comforting cup of coffee.


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