Shay Randle

Paper & Ink

Jasper, Alberta


Artist Statement

Shay started carrying a sketchbook with her as a child, a habit that has stayed with her into adulthood. The freedom to create art wherever, whenever she wanted drew her into working in ink on paper. As a frequent, far-wandering traveller, it was always important to her that she should be able to create a piece of art in any surroundings, forgoing working in a studio space for the chance to experience her subjects close at hand.


Working primarily in black ink, Shay’s goal is to capture the breathtaking beauty of our natural surroundings in a simple, crisp drawing. Strong outlines and fine lines characterize her work. Her favourite subject is our natural surroundings; she can often be found sitting on a rock, pen and sketchbook in hand, in the middle of a hike. All of Shay’s work is based off of her own photography of Jasper’s beautiful natural landscape and surroundings. She works from her home-based studio, or more frequently, from wherever inspiration strikes.

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