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Heather Daw
Jasper, Alberta
Email address available upon request.

Artist Statement

Since early childhood, I have had a connection with the natural world fostered by hours of outdoor activities with my family and friends. Like a map, a landscape painting strives to capture a three dimensional reality on a flat surface by using colours and shapes. It is my hope that my paintings will be a map to translate what I experience in nature into a form that will help people navigate the natural world.

I like to mimic nature by distilling a scene into its simplest components using unmuddied colours and simple shapes. I have used watercolours and pastels in the past, but more recently, I have been painting with acrylics. Although I have been only dabbling in painting for the past twenty-five years, I am now spending more time at the easel. Images and ideas have been piling up in my mind as I have hiked and paddled in Jasper and other parts of the world over the years and now is the time to put these ideas down on canvas.

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